Hi, I’m Scott.

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope that someday we’ll have the opportunity to meet in person. In the meantime, take a few minutes, grab a fresh cup of coffee and read the first chapter of my book, “moMENtum”. I think it will bless you.


I wrote it after numerous conversations I had with men who had lost their enthusiasm for some part of, or all parts of their lives. These guys covered the entire spectrum…from being totally desperate to simply wanting to regain their “edge” and energy.


Maybe you fall somewhere in that group. If you do, get a copy of “moMENtum”, honestly answer the questions following each chapter and get some momentum back into your life.

What You Can Expect

My meetings are full of God’s Word, taught in a logical, applicable manner. I will challenge you directly but kindly. I understand that the value of a seminar is based upon the quality of the presenter. I also understand that the ultimate value of a seminar is found days, weeks, and months later, as the application of what has been learned is applied successfully. That is my goal.

A Little About Me

I am fortunate to have worked in the business world and also in ministry. I’ve been a sales consultant, a training director, director of marketing and vice president of sales and marketing for an industry leader on a worldwide scale. I have traveled extensively, speaking to various groups throughout North America. Along with business experience, I have been a local church staff member, administrator and a ministry training program facilitator. My two favorite courses to teach are “Momentum for Life” and “Principles of Leadership.’ My wife Vanessa and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and are so thankful to live near our three children, their spouses, and most importantly, our five grandchildren!

Most Requested Topics

For years my passion has been to minister to men by encouraging them in God’s Word, helping them apply simple disciplines and opening their eyes to a brighter future. These truths are universal, however, and not just for men. They are applicable to men, women and children.


A few of my most popular courses are: “Momentum for life”, “Simple Leadership” and “Why Church?”

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