Momentum: How To Regain And Maintain Your Edge

Many people, men in particular, have lost their passion for life. This affects their marriages, jobs, friendships, and often their ability to  help others. Those who have experienced this tend to keep the frustration and loneliness hidden from others. Consequently, they aren’t able to get help. Rediscovering your excitement for life will bring the freedom and fulfillment you’ve longed for, generating renewed energy and drive. MOMENTUM will help you accomplish this.


In this book you will:


  • Explore simple steps to get the wind back in your sail, propelling you on your journey.
  • Identify important adjustments that bring results
  • Find encouragement to be courageous and trust God when facing challenges.
  • Learn to dismiss the distractions surrounding you and focus on your purpose.

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About The Author

Scott Houston has been successful in business and in ministry, having been a Sales Consultant, Director of Marketing and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Scott has traveled extensively, speaking to various groups throughout North America. Along with his business experience, Scott has also been a local church staff member and administrator. He is an instructor and facilitator for The Second Mile ministry training program at his church, and two of his popular courses are “Momentum for Life” and “Leadership Principles.”  Scott, Vanessa and their family reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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